OzGuitarWorks was formed to bring a new headless guitar into the world.

William “Oz” Anderson is the principle behind the company and has been an engineer/scientist and played guitar for 40yrs. His wide range of experience and disciplines from government research labs, instrumentation design and manufacturing, to racing engine design; elicited a customer comment “Renaissance man”. Thus, the company logo.

Oz has turned his tireless enthusiasm to the solidbody guitar. He wanted to create a guitar that was as versatile and small as it could be, with no sacrifices. One a studio musician would choose for the sound quality, intonation, versatility, and portability. One that encourages the guitar-nerd to modify to find their own sound. A guitar design so comfortable the enthusiast would prefer it from their collection. And one that helped the midi-guitarist with accurate pitch tracking.

A “clean sheet” design provided the opportunity to investigate a different solution.  A unique top to bottom rethink.

We are committed to quality manufacture in the USA, and at a great performance/price ratio.