A minimalistic studio grade headless guitar, with a mission


headless_med features


body features


  • Ergonomically Sculpted

  • Retro and Futurist Style

  • Travel Friendly

  • Encourages Play

pickups features

PickUp Module

  • Interchangeable PickUp  Module

  • Tonally Connects Neck to Bridge




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Body Features

  • Ergonomic sculpted body, a mix of retro and future looks

  • Aluminum, carbon fiber, and wood; very travel friendly and encourages play

  • Al-body combined with the wood neck stay in tune better w/ changing temp

  • Deep neck heel pocket

  • Shaped carbon fiber pickguard,  flush with body

  • Aluminum allows

    • Highly contoured back heel for easy reach-around for high notes

    • Built in bridge hardware

    • Small size from high stiffness

Pickup Bay Module – Multi-function

Interchangeable Pickup Module docks in Body

  • 1 min swapout of pickup set, no string or pickguard removal
  • Lots of freedom to try:
      • Different mag pickup types/locations/angles

      • Rigid or soft mounting of pickups

  • Works with most SingleCoil and Humbucker pickups

Tonally connects the neck to bridge

  •  Tonewood Pickup carrier connects bridge and neck as structural element in parallel with body
  • Different tonewoods /structural shapes change what gets back to the strings

Vibes in tone wood can be an easily changed sound addition

  •  Piezo sensors number and location on tonewood can be added to per-string piezo sound

  • Mag Pickups mounted directly to tonewood carrier (vs. pickguard)

  • TonewoodVibes change pickups movements in relation to string

Unique In house Design Headpiece

  • Uses miniature headstock 

          • Works with standard wall mounts and head-stock stands

          • Cool with clip on tuners

          • Keeps good hand feel at nut

  • Works with any standard strings (single ball end)

          • String locked down over a large area, so string breakage reduced compared to using set screw’s

          • Fast! re-stringing

          • Strings don’t need a pre-bend with a tool

  • Uses standard nuts

          • String to string variations in string height at the nut are possible

          • So intonation correcting nuts are possible

    • Made from 6061T6 hard anodized aluminum

          • Not zinc pot metal


  • Works better

        • Shortens and overall lightens guitar (5” shorter! 75 gm less)

        • Better balance

        • Headless have less problems from unwanted dead notes and wolf tones on neck from vibrating headstock masses

        • Better pitch to midi conversion, in midi applications

        • Tuners at the other end (same as a locked down Floyd Rose)

              • For better overall balance

              • Pic hand tuning

          •  Less unsung string; like string-locks with no head

              • Holds tune better, less to detune after large bends

              •  Removes need for dampeners for sympathetic singing

              • More responsive bending, earlier pitch change during bend 

• Fender S-type neck heel shape

    • Largest number of options available with a popular aftermarket neck;

        • 21, 22, 24 frets, 22 standard

        • Most diverse back contours, woods, etc. available

        • Most finger board radi options, compound 10-16” standard

        • Most scale lengths available; 24 ¾” (Gbsn like), 25 ½” (Strt type),  28 5/8” Baritone

      • Threaded inserts installed for bolts

        • Just say no to wood screws…poor hold and reuse

        • Better neck/body connection

Full Scale Lengths, 4! ...

  • 24.75″ Gibson

  • 25″ PRS, National

  • 25.5″ Fender, Ibanez, Jackson, Schecter, Steinberger, standard

  • 28.6″ Baritone, Agile